My Story & God's Word on what I do:

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Okay! Here we go! I was born with this gift. It all began when I was 7 years old, when a very intense shocking drowning experience happened to me while in a pool. To be exact,, it happened during one of My swimming lessons which was like in the morning.   I was under water for what seemed like forever; as if a force was holding Me down.  When I was down under, I could see this white gold like fire coming towards Me from above, it was so bright, I got so scared.  Then, I was brought up from out of the water; and then that same fire like I was right in front of the Sun and then this being reached out their hand to Me.   So, I took their hand to come up and as I did, I immediately knew it was Jesus.  His face was like looking into the Sun in the morning; I could barely make out what He looked like.

   I then realized I was out of body,  I saw the Heavens and Angels and I saw the very throne of Father God.  This peace and love just overcame Me and I heard Jesus say, "Don't be afraid.  I've called You out for a reason. "  Then this piercing fire shot into My chest and into My head.   Then, next thing, I was back in My body coughing up water.   What seemed like for hours, was to those just like 30 seconds, and I coughed out water and I was fine.    About 10 days later, I began to read the Bible and ask My Grandmother about Jesus.   I knew before that I was scared of Him because of going to Catholic Church and seeing all the gory images which gave Me such bad nightmares.   But after that experience, I started to tune out all those images and not see them at services; until  I was 12 and then I stopped going.


During My pre-teen and teen years; with the guidance of Yucca Indian Shamans and Celtic Shamans on both sides of My family, I began taking vision quests;  and in My spirit travels, and Gods' word, I began to learn and understand how His creation in the spirit, heavenly and astrol realms fit in, learning how to dispel and banish deceptive spirits who appear as the Light Of God, whom are truly not; as spoken in 1st John 4:1-3 (Believe not every spirit, but test the spirits..), and in 2nd Corith 11:14(“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.").  So, quickly I learned to ALWAYS ask if any spirit, vision, vibration, thought, etc; is the correct one in the name of Jesus Christ.  When they are not, it is because knowing from My childhood that I can do ANYTHING in His name; and My faith in the simple supernatural truth, it is done.  Having seen the reaction of dark spirits, and false light spirits; it is WHY God called Me to deliver real prophecies, messages, angelic counsel, and channel healing of the Holy Spirit, in the realm of the spiritual advisors, psychics,and the like.   I am in all humlity His prophet, oracle and guide between worlds.    It wasn't too long when I finally understood that I was already saved, then I decided to make it known and ask Jesus into My life.  To forgive Me for My sins and know that I know that He is the only way between God and humanity.  My life has changed ever since.   My faith is stronger and so through out My teens I did some healings, some prophetic readings. Until in 1998 I began to do it more often. Then in 2002, I started online with here.   My mission is first, proclaiming the Gospel  of Jesus Christ.  In and through these gifts of prophecy, healings, supernatural counsel, this is what I do.

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