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My Story:

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Okay! Here we go! I was born with this gift. It all began when I was 7 years old, when a very intense shocking drowning experience happened to me while in a pool. To be exact,, it happened during one of My swimming lessons which was like in the morning.   I was under water for what seemed like forever; as if a force was holding Me down.  When I was down under, I could see this white gold like fire coming towards Me from above, it was so bright, I got so scared.  Then, I was brought up from out of the water; and then that same fire like I was right in front of the Sun and then this being reached out their hand to Me.   So, I took their hand to come up and as I did, I immediately knew it was Jesus.  His face was like looking into the Sun in the morning; I could barely make out what He looked like.

   I then realized I was out of body,  I saw the Heavens and Angels and I saw the very throne of Father God.  This peace and love just overcame Me and I heard Jesus say, "Don't be afraid.  I've called You out for a reason. "  Then this piercing fire shot into My chest and into My head.   Then, next thing, I was back in My body coughing up water.   What seemed like for hours, was to those just like 30 seconds, and I coughed out water and I was fine.    About 10 days later, I began to read the Bible and ask My Grandmother about Jesus.   I knew before that I was scared of Him because of going to Catholic Church and seeing all the gory images which gave Me such bad nightmares.   But after that experience, I started to tune out all those images and not see them at services; until  I was 12 and then I stopped going.  (read on..theres more!)

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