Hey there! And welcome to My NEWLY designed website! 

As You can see, its quite bold and slightly intense.  

Well, that's because I am very forward and straight up about who I am, what I do and WHY I do it. I feel that if I completely spell it out, You can decide to call upon My services, or press on. This site is currently being redesigned so stay tuned and check back periodically as it shouldn't be too long before its all up and running!

My name is Sarajane, I am the ORIGINAL "Divine Readings".  Yes, I can prove that as I started in 2002, before the term was ever created.   But, since it cannot be trademarked, everyone has been jumping on the copycat bandwagon ever since.  That being said, first and foremost, I profess and make it known that I am a Disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, Gods' Only Son.  I am a Natural, Prophetic Holy Spirit Medium, Shaman Healer in the Spirit and Soul and Godly guide.

For God's glory and to help those who seek true guidance, answers and life-changing peace.  EVERYONE, all faiths, creeds, walks of life, are welcomed. 

No matter who You are, You are welcomed because God loves You, Jesus loves You and so do I.

So, I do list Myself out in the search engines as "psychic", "psychic medium" or "Christian Psychic" but that's only in the label.   Click on the menu to know more and see whats up!

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