My Days & Hours: 

Wed- Sun. : 8pm-2am EST

First come, first serve. 

Call Me during My available hours at  1.352.481.4744!

If busy please leave a msg.  At this time, I do not provide "free readings"

or "try before You buy" readings. All payments are processed via Paypal CC/Debit

payments.  Payment is due at the time before the reading begins.  All sales ARE FINAL!

If You wish to set up an appointment for a Phone reading, please email here.

Phone Reading Rates:

(Equaling up to no more than $3.00/min)

15min -$45,  25min -$60, 30min -$75

1hr -$125

Email & Text Readings

Email & Text Msg Readings:

1-4 Questions -$45

5-10 Questions -$50

Me And My Person Of Interest -( POI can be up to 2 people)

Soul Energies/Astrological Compatiblity -$70

Me And My Person Of Interest

What Is Our Future 6mos to 1yr Prophetic Forecast -$85

(with Angelic Msgs & Astrological energies

Me, Myself & I  My Astrological Chart And Beyond -$100

(An indepth astrological chart, Elemental and Akashic Records

What makes You, YOU!)

1yr prophetic forecast of You -$200

3yrs Of You -$300,  5yrs -$400

(an extremely prophetic outlook with angelic messages

covering love, marriage, divorce, finances and business/work)

Pregnancy, TTC, Children Are My Future

Prophetic, Akashic Records and Sex of the children -$75

To order an email reading, please choose one, click here to order!